Our Science

Neuroscience and neurological diseases;
the last stronghold of metaphysics in medicine.

Équilibre is leading the way for treating neurodegenerative diseases. We are focused on developing treatments for patients with the most difficult-to-treat neurodegenerative diseases, for which conventional therapies have failed. Our diversified product pipeline includes multiple candidates in various phases of pre-clinical and clinical development. We are working to develop drugs that effect pathways in hyperactivation of the brain and associated neuropathology. Additionally, we are focused on developing medications that treat neuroinflammatory pathways as a novel therapeutic for neurogenerative diseases.

Pillars of our Science:


Integrated Platform

Our objective is to develop and bring to market the most advanced medications based on a transformative potential for patients. At the core of this effort is our determination to provide these individuals with a more balanced life by offering a long-term safe and effective treatment option.


Clinical Focus

Treatment is more than finding new ways to handle a disease. It’s addressing a condition that prevents patients from living fully. We are committed to our clinical program, and we demonstrate diverse and inclusive access in our clinical trials because we believe the best way to deliver life-altering therapies is provide access to all patients it’s intended to help.


Dedication to Care

The strength of our science is the result of a long commitment to neurodegenerative research, exacting standards and a novel approach. Our team applies a validated pathology to explore safe therapeutics for patients.

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Applying Science to Create Balance

Equilibre’s science is based on the development of differentiated products founded on biological and clinical insights. Our expertise in clinical development allows us to focus on designing innovative trials with clinical endpoints directly related to patient benefit. Because of our advanced portfolio of intellectual property, we are perpetually exploring and developing additional indications relating to our current portfolio of compounds and to acquire additional product candidates

The vision upon which Équilibre Biopharmaceuticals Corp. was founded are three pillars:

  • To discover, develop and commercialize treatments to the millions of patients who suffer from epileptic focal onset seizures and other unmet medical needs whereby current therapies are nonexistent or inadequate;
  • Serve patients by actualizing the promise of science and biotechnology into therapies that have the power to safely and effectively restore health or save lives; and
  • Partner and collaborate with lead thinkers, institutions and companies to realize the full potential of cutting-edge treatments.

We aim to discover, develop, and drive transformative medicines to treat patients who suffer from neurological conditions. From concept to clinical trial, we are committed to delivering possibility by applying science.